#WorldOutlanderDay June 1, 2014

Outlander Ambassadors

With Diana Gabaldon’s blessing (per Conny of Highland Saga – thanks!), June 1 has been named World Outlander Day.  (Of course, for us, every day is Outlander Day, but June 1, 1991, is the date Outlander was first published.)

To celebrate, we’re asking for increased social media efforts on both Facebook and Twitter.

On Facebook, we’re suggesting that Outlander fans change their profile pic to this for the day: 


And we’re suggesting this cover photo: 


Remember that when you change your profile and your cover photo, they will show up in your friends‘ news feeds.  Add a link to the trailers or a great photo of the cast to increase the effectiveness of your posts. Sharing the Outlander love – it’s what we do.  (Thanks, Tricia Leedom, for creating these images for us.)

On Twitter, in addition to changing profile and cover photos, we’re asking fans worldwide to tweet #WorldOutlanderDay…

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Some pics for #WorldOutlanderDay

Feel free to use!


More to come!













21 - schottland_distel




 If you will join the very first #WorldOutlanderDay

Just post pictures or other stuff related to the books that day on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks with the hashtag #WorldOutlanderDay. And have fun!

Between 6-7 pm in each time zone we will see if we can move the hash-tag around the globe!



Wenn ihr mitmachen möchtet beim allerersten #WorldOutlanderDay

Einfach Bilder oder andere Dinge, die mit den Büchern zu tun haben am 01.6.2014 auf Twitter, Facebook oder anderen sozialen Netzwerken mit dem Hashtag #WorldOutlanderDay  poste. Und Spaß haben!

Zwischen 18.00 und 19.00 Uhr einer jeden Zeitzone versuchen wir, den Hashtag einmal um die Welt gehen zu lassen!

World Outlander Day – english version

I have googled. For everything there is a particular day. For flowers, trees, birds, Star Wars, Robert Burns but not for the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

After diligent research using various sources it looks like June 1st 1991 “Outlander” was released for the very first time. As this date seems perfectly appropriate, I would like to officially announce the first “World Outlander Day” on 06/01/2014, hoping you will all join in and celebrate!

I love Diana’s books and celebrating them is mandatory. We certainly do so while reading them, but a special “Outlander holiday” would just be THE thing! It would also be a wonderful way to pay Diana back for all the hard work she’s been doing through the years and which she just showed at the LA screening.


Special thanks to: Barbara Schnell and my lassies Sylvia, Melanie and Esther. Thank you for your support!




World Outlander Day


Ich habe mal gegoogelt. Für alles gibt es einen bestimmten Tag. Für Blumen, Bäume, Vögel, Star Wars, Robert Burns usw.,  aber bisher nicht für die Highland Saga von Diana Gabaldon.


Nach eifriger Recherche ist mir von mehreren Quellen der 01.06.1991 als Erscheinungsdatum des ersten Bandes in den USA genannt worden. Ich finde dieses Datum sehr passend, weil damit ja alles angefangen hat.


Ich möchte also hiermit offiziell den ersten World Outlander Day am 01.06.2014 ausrufen und hoffe, das ganz viele Leute mitmachen.


Ich liebe die Bücher von Diana Gabaldon und bin der Meinung, wir sollten sie einmal jährlich zelebrieren. Das tun wir zwar jedes Mal, wenn wir die Bücher lesen. Aber so ein gemeinsamer „Feiertag“ ist doch nochmal was GANZ anderes.

Auf diesem Wege können wir uns vielleicht auch bei Diana für ihren jahrelangen Einsatz bedanken, den sie gerade erst wieder beim LA Screening gezeigt hat.

Einen besonderen Dank an dieser Stelle an: Barbara Schnell und meine Mädels Sylvia, Melanie, Esther für die Hilfe und Unterstützung!

Liebe Grüße


And the winner is…..

Meinen allerherzlichsten Glückwunsch Theresa Habermann!

Dein Gewinn wird in den nächsten Tagen bei dir eingehen!


Und das hier bekommst du:




Ganz viel Spaß damit! Vielleicht schickst du mal ein Bild davon, wo das gute Stück gelandet ist? 🙂


Ach ja, die korrekte Antwort lautete: 1968.

The Outlander Effect or (in Gàidhlig) “Buaidh Outlander”

Great Scot!

 Outlander and Scottish tourism

Now that a premiere date for Outlander has been announced, we are slowly yet surely seeing press coverage about the series tick up. One such article published recently got me to thinking. Outlander already has a large and loyal fan base. What impact has there been, if any, on Scotland’s economy and culture? And what can we expect to change after the series starts airing?

First, let me start with the article that intrigued me, published by a site called “We Love Soaps, who bill themselves as the “World’s biggest champion of scripted, serialized storytelling on TV & the web.” I guess the Outlander TV series does fit that description, although I would never call it a Soap! The bit of the article to catch my eye was this:

The fervent on-line fan base totals over a half-million and when the ‘first-look’ photo of Sam Heughan as…

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Word on the Lake

Candida's Musings

Word on the Lake is an annual writer’s festival held in Salmon Arm, British Columbia every year. This past weekend was their 11th celebration with a spectacular line up of Canadian authors, including Carmen Aguirre, Gail Anderson-Dargatz (@AndersonDargatz), Ann Eriksson (@Ann_Eriksson), David Essig, Gary Geddes (@gedworks), C.C. Humphreys (@HumphreysCC), Shelagh Jamieson, Ursula Maxwell-Lewis (@YouTravel), Carolyn Swayze, and Howard White (@HowardWhite). Oh, and they had one American author – someone you may have heard of (or not) – Diana Gabaldon (@Writer_DG). You can read a summary of each author’s bio here: Author’s Bios.

Needless to say, with a line up like that – I had a fabulous time. I wish I could have attended every workshop being offered, but alas, they overlapped. So, I squeezed in what I could between Ms. Gabaldon’s entertaining and thoroughly informative workshops: 1) Character: How…

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