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Word on the Lake is an annual writer’s festival held in Salmon Arm, British Columbia every year. This past weekend was their 11th celebration with a spectacular line up of Canadian authors, including Carmen Aguirre, Gail Anderson-Dargatz (@AndersonDargatz), Ann Eriksson (@Ann_Eriksson), David Essig, Gary Geddes (@gedworks), C.C. Humphreys (@HumphreysCC), Shelagh Jamieson, Ursula Maxwell-Lewis (@YouTravel), Carolyn Swayze, and Howard White (@HowardWhite). Oh, and they had one American author – someone you may have heard of (or not) – Diana Gabaldon (@Writer_DG). You can read a summary of each author’s bio here: Author’s Bios.

Needless to say, with a line up like that – I had a fabulous time. I wish I could have attended every workshop being offered, but alas, they overlapped. So, I squeezed in what I could between Ms. Gabaldon’s entertaining and thoroughly informative workshops: 1) Character: How…

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