World Outlander Day – english version

I have googled. For everything there is a particular day. For flowers, trees, birds, Star Wars, Robert Burns but not for the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

After diligent research using various sources it looks like June 1st 1991 “Outlander” was released for the very first time. As this date seems perfectly appropriate, I would like to officially announce the first “World Outlander Day” on 06/01/2014, hoping you will all join in and celebrate!

I love Diana’s books and celebrating them is mandatory. We certainly do so while reading them, but a special “Outlander holiday” would just be THE thing! It would also be a wonderful way to pay Diana back for all the hard work she’s been doing through the years and which she just showed at the LA screening.


Special thanks to: Barbara Schnell and my lassies Sylvia, Melanie and Esther. Thank you for your support!




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