Claire’s Shift

Terry Dresbach

One of the most difficult designs I have ever had to do. It had to serve two very difficult and specific masters. Be a convincing 40s dress, and then change to an 18th century shift, two completely different structures. Plus to make it even more fun, the season for the show changed to autumn instead of spring, as it was in the book.
At least if it had been spring, I could have had Claire in a cotton voile or even a lightweight linen dress.
But in the fall, in cold rainy Scotland, my options got even narrower.

I will never LOVE this dress, but that is okay. It did it’s job very well I think, and sometimes it just has to be about practicality not beauty, just like in real life.

Here is a picture of an 18th century linen shift.


So THIS is what I designed…

40c45a90-12b8-11e4-bdfd-37f5c0e41239_starz-outlander-Claire-Randall-Caitriona-Balfe-6 410708e0-12b8-11e4-bc7f-a34ca995bd3c_starz-outlander-Claire-Randall-Caitriona-Balfe-3


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