You Are Invited to the #OutlanderWedding Twitter Party Saturday, Sept 20 8 pm – 1 am EDT, 5 pm – 10 pm PDT

Outlander Ambassadors

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. To celebrate the marriage of Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, we are planning a virtual party on the #OutlanderWedding Twitter feed.

The festivities kick off at 8 pm Eastern time with a one-hour pre-function where we will try to trend #OutlanderWedding with photos, quotes and screenshots of the happy couple to introduce those who are not familiar with Outlander to our Claire and Jamie. There is no need to direct these tweets at any particular handle. Tweets like “You are invited to the #OutlanderWedding at 9 pm ET/PT on Starz” and a great photo of Sam, Caitriona or both will be just perfect.

Once the episode begins, those who are forced to wait can continue the effort while those who are enjoying the episode watch, sigh, swoon, cry and squee in peace. We’re asking that after…

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There Once was…

Terry Dresbach


There once was an amazingly creative woman who was incredibly skillful at making all sorts of wonderful things. Her name was Mrs. Fitz. She could cook, and sew, she had a tremendous knowledge of plants and medicines, she loved taking care of people. She was great at organizing and was wonderful with people. Above all else, she LOVED to knit.

She had so much energy and loved to be busy She took a position as a housekeeper in an enormous castle, and she ran that castle and everyone in it. She made sure everyone had everything they needed, that the food was delicious, that everyone was comfortable. Mrs. Fitz was very busy and very happy.

At night when the castle was still, and Mrs. Fitz had some time to herself, she would sit in front of the fire and do what she loved above all else. She would knit.


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